We aim to provide you with complete one-stop service to create your
company’s outstanding personality.


We will base on customer’s requirement to provide cultural and creative products, Corporate gift. Accordance to the needs of their company activities, we can also provide customized products or open mold to individually produce their cultural and creative products which belong to the customer exclusively, and will be engraved and printed with their logo and advertisement.

Corporate / Product Identity System Design

Planning and design of corporate / product identity systems: logo design, logo enhancement, VI fundamental system, VI application system

Package Development and Design

Development and design of packaging systems: bottle design, PI specifications, sales packaging (appearance + structure),
transport packaging images, gift boxes

Catalogue Design

Catalogues: structural optimization of catalogues, production of corporate/product catalogues and corporate / product leaflets

Spatial Design

Spatial Guiding Systems, Terminal Environment,
SI, Sign Design

Industrial Design

Exterior Design, Prototype Production, Structural Design, R&D of Cultural & Creative Products

Mascot (Main Image Design 2D / 3D)

Graphic Design

Website Design

Full Website Design, Primary / Secondary Navigation Design

who we are

Loyalty Resource Pte Ltd is a locally owned business in Singapore. Our business scope includes industrial design, product design, cultural and creative product  design, brand & product vision (company logo design, business card design, brochure design, banners design ,graphic design, websites, packaging design), colours & materials consultation, as well as interaction design. We are engaged in international trade too, importing and exporting international products, and various types of corporate gifts as well.

We have an excellent designing team which is set up by various senior designers from various fields. With many years of outstanding work experience in many large-scale private and government projects in China & Singapore and with passionate enthusiasm for design, our designers get rid of the traditional way of thinking and branch out into all other fields without any boundary. They had a distinguished record. Through excellent design, we help more and more enterprises to create and highlight the personality value for their products and brands.

Our designers have international perspective and strong  interpersonal communication skills. We’re able to help customers to crystalize their thought, to provide better solution for their needs of design.

We’ll also follow individual customers’ needs, provide purchasing services for their cultural and creative products. Accordance to the needs of their company activities, we can also provide customized products or open mold to individually produce their cultural and creative products which belong to the customer exclusively, and will be engraved and printed with their logo and advertisement.

Our outstanding professional designers demonstrate their comprehensive personality design skills, to meet the different needs of customers. We can provide you with perfectone-stop service,from purchasing, designing until finalizing the products ,which will reflect your company’s particularly prominent personality.Integrity for the customers is our purpose and we’ll provide the customers with the most humane quality service.

We aim to provide best choice for all our customers to meet different thought characteristic and satisfy the demands of all kinds of customer individuals thoughts.

We aim to supply high quality product and service with the most competitive price.


  • Yining
    YiningProduct Designer

    Yining is competent in early research and product design for
    smart home products and consumer electronic products.

    Graduated : Communication University of China,
    Nanguang College

    Working experience : 3 years

    • Amelie Zhang
      Amelie ZhangMarketing Manager

      Ex-Marketing manager of LKK design, Nanjing, China.

      Amelie participated in Jiangsu TV network television for
      branding promotion and marketing.

      She has remarkable practical experience in marketing, branding promotion and media resource.

      Graduated : Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics

      Working experience : 7 years

      • Catherine Qiu
        Catherine QiuSenior Designer

        Ex-industrial designer of OPPO design center . Ex-senior industrial designer of LKK design, Nanjing, China.

        Catherine is specialized in product design for electronic consumer products / home appliances/ medical equipments/ large industrial equipments, experienced in production supply chain.

        Graduated : Nanjing University of the Arts

        Working experience : 6 years

        • Vinson Chen
          Vinson ChenProject Assistant Manager

          Ex-Customer manager of LKK design, Nanjing, China.

          With very rich experience in the design industry,
          he participated in many key project design.

          He is able to analyze the market and meet the needs of customers immediately and accurately.

          And he also has rich experience in production supply chain.

          Graduated : Nanjing Jinling Institute of Technology

          Working experience : 7 years

          • Robin Xu
            Robin XuProject Manager

            Ex-Master Designer(PEGA&E) and Project Manager.

            Ex-Deputy General Manager of LKK Design, Nanjing, China.

            Robin has rich experience in the design industry
            and he involved in many large-scale projects.

            Graduated : Nanjing University of the Arts

            Working experience : 9 years

            Our Way of Working

            • Requirement Analysis

            • Concept Orientation & Design Scheme

            • Structure Verification

            • Mass Production

            • On The Market

            Research Methodology

            Project Diagnosis

            - Project Objective
            Deliver the ideas of the clients with the brainstorming of the project team. Brand communication-based, family-oriented product features and outstanding products as the selling point, in order to enhance the commercial value.

            Design Research

            - Planning research projects and the methods used
            – Trend observation
            User / Technology
            – Target Group
            Potential user groups
            – User scenario
            4–three generation family

            Behaviour Analysis

            - Identify the Opportunity
            – Target group Conduct
            – Brainstorming
            – User scenario

            Synthesis Report

            According to the designer’s inspiration and ideas, it will be put into a design sketch and the designer will carry out in-depth product design according to the plan.

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